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PTI grit blasting systems

Rotary Indexing System for Abrasive Grit Blasting
General Automatic Abrasive Grit Blasting Machine
Standard CNC Abrasive Grit Blasting System
Aero Engine Multi Robot Cleaning Cell
Aero Engine Robotic Grit Blasting
Aero Engine Robotic Surface Preparation Prior to Thermal Spray
Aero Engine Single Piece Flow Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
Aerostructure CNC Abrasve Grit Blast Machine
Automotive Robotic Head and Block Plastic Media Blast System
Diesel Engine Crankshaft Oil Hole Deburring System
Diesel Market Hydraulic Cylinder Grit Blast
Gas Turbine Bucket Etch System
Gas Turbine Combustor Robotic Grit Blast
Gas Turbine Dual Swing Door Coating Removal System
Gas Turbine Gantry Robotic Wet Blast Machine
Gas Turbine Rotary Index Table Grit Blast Machine
General Industry Large Structures Blast
General Industry Pass-through Grit Blast system
Heavy Equipment Large CNC Abrasive Blasting Machine
Helicopter Rotor Hub Etch Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
Medical Device Automatic Grit Blast Machine
Nuclear Storage Vessel Grit Blasting System
Nuclear Fuel Rod Abrasive Blasting Machine
Non-ferrous Media Flow Rate Controller

Progressive Surface grit blasting control systems

PRIMS Pro® is our next generation Process Reporting and Integrated Monitoring System (PRIMS) software for Progressive Surface grit blasting machinery. PRIMS Pro® for Windows 7 is the most advanced and flexible process controller available.

Progressive Surface grit blasting videos

Automatic Robotic Aircraft Engine Nozzle Segment and Blade Grit Blast
Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Coating System
Automatic Tube Shot Blast for Scale and Slag Removal
Heavy Equipment Overhaul Crankshaft Coating by HVOF
Continuous Rotary Grit Blasting Machine
Automotive Head and Block Cleaning
Grit Blasting & Thermal Spray Coating Bushings

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PTI grit blasting news

NASA Astronaut to Visit Progressive Technologies
Progressive Installs Robotic Wet Blasting System in Europe

What is grit blasting

Grit blasting is a process where abrasive particles are pneumatically accelerated and forcefully directed against a surface. These high speed abrasive particles remove contaminants from the material's surface and condition the surface for subsequent finishing.

Typical grit blasting applications include:

  • roughening surfaces in preparation for thermal spraying, painting, bonding or other coating operations
  • removing rust, scale, sand, or paint
  • removing burrs
  • providing a matte surface finish
  • removing flash from molded components
  • cosmetic surface enhancement or etching

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Progressive Surface other systems

Shot peening

Shot peening

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying

Waterjet cleaning

Waterjet cleaning


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