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Industrial Gas Turbine Lean Bucket Root Peen

This robust shot peening system was designed to peen industrial gas turbine bucket roots using steel shot. A door mounted spindle enables parts to be easily loaded into the masking fixture. Three direct pressure nozzles mounted to a 2-axis oscillator provide complete peening coverage on the blade root areas, with media flow rates and air pressure all closed loop controlled. A vibratory screening separator processes 100% of the shot to ensure consistent media size and shape.

Progressive Surface Shot peening system features & benefits


  • Door Mounted Spindle
  • 2-Axis Gun Oscillator
  • 3 Direct Pressure Nozzles
  • Vibratory Screening Separator


  • Automatic Shot Peening Media Adder
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Rates
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control

PTI Shot peening systems

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Progressive Surface Shot peening videos

Fan Disk Robotic Dovetail Shot Peen Using Rotary Lance
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PTI Shot peening downloads

Shot Peening Medical Implants at Medtronic
(144.5K) Adobe PDF
Aircraft MRO at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
(511.2K) Adobe PDF
Rotary Lance Shot Peening Applications
(170.3K) Adobe PDF
ShotMeter Particle Velocity Sensor
(891.8K) Adobe PDF
Single Piece Flow Shot Peening Systems
(741.5K) Adobe PDF
Small Hole Shot Peening Applications
(1.43M) Adobe PDF
Innovative Machine Solutions for Complex Aerostructures
(2.97M) Adobe PDF
The New Intelligent Shot Peening Machine by Progressive Surface
(3.46M) Adobe PDF
Sweco Screen Sizes for Abrasive Grit Blasting and Shot Peening
(29.8K) Adobe PDF

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PTI Shot peening news

Progressive Surface introduces PRIMS Pro process control software
Progressive Technologies is now Progressive Surface™
Ken I'Anson Awarded Shot Peener of the Year
Automated Shot Peening Machines Delivered to Orthopedic Industry
Army Depot Summit Focuses on Partnerships to Support the War Fighter

Shot peening, Industrial Gas Turbine Lean Bucket Root Peen

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Shot peening, Industrial Gas Turbine Lean Bucket Root Peen

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