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Progressive Surface's CITS (Computer Integrated Thermal Spray) Pro™ system provides unmatched multi-process closed loop control, versatility, security, and data logging for multiple thermal spray processes.

Combining a powerful PLC with a user-friendly, touchscreen PC, the CITS Pro™ controller is designed with both operators and process engineers in mind. Each CITS Pro™ system is customized for its specific application and can be configured to control individual or multiple high energy plasma, conventional plasma, HVOF, arc, and flame spray processes.

CITS Pro™ enables manual, automatic, local and remote monitoring and operation using stored parameters. Extensive context-sensitive help and intuitive Windows-based controls make the CITS Pro™ system very easy to use.

Configurable data loggers record specified variables every second the machine is "in-cycle." Trend graphs provide the process engineer with the tools to perform design of experiments or SPC evaluation.

With selection of proper process hardware, CITS Pro™ controller software can operate up to six powder feeders with closed loop feedrate control.

Additional CITS Pro™ features & benefits

  • Closed-loop control of all thermal spray process parameters with limits displayed on same screen
  • Powerful recipe management displays process status, enables adjustment of process parameters, and stores and displays recipes
  • Productivity data and process costs documented and analyzed
  • Preventive maintenance enables decreased downtime and increased productivity
  • Powder feeder module can operate two feeders at once
  • Team Viewer software allows the user to connect with Progressive Surface engineers for remote access and diagnosis of any problem

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CITS Pro Computer Integrated Thermal Spray software

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