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Progressive uses the Procise Process™ to design and build custom automation and material handling systems that meet each customer's unique application needs. Many of our custom automation systems integrate robotics with other technologies and measurement devices.

Process-critical applications are equipped with Progressive's powerful PRIMS Pro® software. PRIMS Pro enables precision closed-loop process control for unsurpassed process consistency and the flexibility to create an intuitive Human Machine Interface.

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What is custom automation?

Progressive has built a strong reputation for solving critical automation and material handling applications for our customers. Many of these applications involve the use of robotics integrated with other technologies and measurement devices. Some of our solutions include:

  • CNC punch press with vision inspection
  • hydraulic sheer system with material handling
  • turbine blade tip coating system with vision inspection
  • robotic load and unload system using force sensing guidance
  • abrasive waterjet cutting systems
  • automatic part orientation and loading
  • eddy current inspection system
  • laser peening system
  • laser cutting system
  • robotic and gantry handling systems between process cells

Progressive Surface - What is Custom Automation?