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Progressive Surface has applied the Procise Process® to our Process Reporting and Integrated Monitoring System (PRIMS) software for shot peen, grit blast, and waterjet cleaning machinery.

The new, proprietary PRIMS Pro® gives engineers and operators the most advanced and flexible process controller available. PRIMS Pro® enables closed loop process control, monitoring, and data-logging of all key parameters.

Powerful PRIMS Pro® process monitoring software is ideal for production, overhaul and repair, or research and development applications. The interface is updated, easy-to-read, and user-friendly. New features include part queuing and expanded process/image association for individual parts.

PRIMS Pro® is designed for both operators and process engineers using Progressive Surface machinery. Each PRIMS Pro® system is specifically configured for the user's process application, whether shot peening, abrasive grit blasting, or high pressure water jet stripping. Extensive context-sensitive help and intuitive Windows-based controls make using the PRIMS Pro® system very easy.

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PRIMS Pro Process Reporting & Integrated Monitoring System software

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