Custom waterjet cleaning systems


Since 1987, Progressive has designed, built and installed over 75 water jet stripping systems—more than all of our competitors combined. Progressive innovations include:

  • closed-loop process control
  • highly integrated arm robots and turntables
  • closed-loop water filtration
  • custom-designed cleaning nozzles

PRIMS Pro® software provides precision closed-loop control for unsurpassed quality in the removal of thermal-sprayed coating, while minimizing parent material erosion and increasing system uptime. Progressive water jet cleaning systems are approved and listed in all manufacturer's aircraft engine overhaul manuals.

We apply the Procise Process™ to custom design and build each waterjet cleaning system to meet the customer's unique needs.

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Waterjet cleaning controller

PRIMS Pro® is our next generation Process Reporting and Integrated Monitoring System (PRIMS) software for Progressive Surface waterjet cleaning machinery. PRIMS Pro® is the most advanced and flexible process controller available.

Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software

Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software - part manager, part identification screen
Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software - cycle monitor & recipe information screen

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What is waterjet cleaning?

Waterjet cleaning uses a stream of supersonic water at pressures between 30,000 to 60,000 PSI (207–414 MPa) to quickly remove difficult coatings and debris from a material substrate. Waterjet cleaning is different than conventional cleaning processes in that it uses much higher water pressures which require unique pump, hydraulic and control systems. Very hard coatings are essentially eroded from the substrate by the high pressure water droplets, while brittle coatings are fractured and spalled.

Waterjet cleaning systems are used to remove many coatings, including:

  • grease
  • adhesives
  • epoxies
  • rubber
  • felt metal
  • resin composites
  • paints
  • thermal spray coatings (including ceramics, metallics, abradables, and cermets)

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